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We believe each and everyone's skin has its own way of healing. Allowing the skin for a natural way of healing gives the best results.

  • Remove the bandage after 8 - 12hrs.
  • Wash your tattoo thoroughly with lukewarm water (warm water helps to open the skin pores and washes away the dust )and apply any mild soap. Do not apply the soap directly on the tattoo, make foam out of the soap and then apply.
  • wash your tattoo gently in circular motion and make sure the shiney blood layer is gone completely and wash it with normal cold water ( cold water helps to close the skin pores).
  • Repeat washing your tattoo in the above mentioned way three times a day for the next 5 days. First 2 days do not apply anything on the tattoo let the tattoo settle down.
  • From the third day onward, after every wash of your tattoo apply mild moisturizer gently and spread it out nicely. Make sure you do not apply too much moisturizer, a minimal amount will do. We don't recommend applying petroleum jelly since it contains thick viscosity and will block the skin pores.
  • slight oozing for the first two days is very normal.
  • Fifth day onwards stop washing your tattoo and keep applying moisturizer 3 times a day as long as possible to keep your tattoo glowing.
  • Your tattoo will take at least 30 - 40 days to heal completely depending on the size.
  • Things not to do after getting tattoo

  • No exercise,yoga, gyming for at least 2 weeks. Allow the skin to settle and start the healing process smoothly. DO not give stress or tension to the skin which may result in bad healing.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight. UV rays from sunlight will harm your tattoo. Avoid swimming pool and sea water, which may cause allergies.
  • The tattooed area may itch and cause irritation. Its normal, avoid scratching it.
  • Things to do and Don't before getting the tattoo.

  • Have a good night's sleep so you don't feel exhausted during the process and drink a lot of water which will keep you hydrated during the process.
  • Have a heavy meal before you come to the tattoo studio. Happy meal keeps a happy mindset .
  • If you want, carry some chocolates with you. Sugar may help you to sit through the process.
  • Keep moisturizing the skin a week before your appointment date. That can keep the skin smooth and makes the process easy .
  • Do not drink alcohol a night before getting the tattoo. Alcohol thins your blood, which results in excess of bleeding during the process and makes the artist uncomfortable to work.